First Aid Supplies & Resources

Accidents can occur anytime and to be able to administer first aid treatment successfully, it is imperative that complete first aid supplies are stocked in the first aid kit. This means that the contents of a first aid kit should be re-stocked regularly and items that have been in the first aid kits for an extended period should be updated. This should be part of the family or work place budget.

Re-stocking Your First Aid Kit At Home

In the home you should have a household first aid kit for accidents in and around the house, but it is also a good idea to have a first aid kit in the car.

First aid supplies are available both from brick and mortar shops and online. There are many websites that offer first aid supplies for sale. To make sure that you have adequate supplies in the first aid kit when an accident occurs you should set yourself a regular task and maybe make it coincide with a particular occasion during the year to inspect your household and car first aid kit. Then order and replace anything that has been used or looks to be out of date.

Re-stocking A Workplace First Aid Kit

A workplace first aid kit may contain some different items to a household first aid kit because the nature of accident risk will likely be different. In a work environment it is critical to ensure the contents on the first aid kit is re-stocked regularly.

Options for restocking include organising for a member of staff to perform a check of the first aid kit contents as a routine task, or contracting a first aid supply company to periodically check the contents of your first aid kits. The second option is more common in large organisations where a work site has multiple work site locations and many different first aid kits across their company.

First Aid Refresher Course

Successfully applying first aid when it is required will rely on a person having the skills and confidence to undertake the first aid when confronted with an accident. Attending a periodic First aid refresher course will help maintain skills and most importantly a persons confidence.

Additionally over time, more and more first aid strategies are introduced. If you want to be able to apply the most practical first aid treatment, you need to be updated about the new first aid techniques.